DFS541305MH0T F8U5
  • DFS541305MH0T F8U5

Forcecon DFS541305MH0T F8U5 Cooling Fan

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PN:DFS541305MH0T F8U5

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PN:Delta KDB05105HB-7E75, KDB05105HB-7F36; Forcecon DFS531205MH0T F7U0, DFS541305MH0T F8U5

Compatible:Asus RoG G50G/G50V/G50VT, G51J/G51JX/G51V/G51VX, G60J/G60JX/G60V/G60VX, L50V/L50VC/L50VM/L50VN, M50S/M50SA/M50SR/M50SV/M50V/M50VC/M50VM/M50VN, M52V/M52VX ?, N50V/N50VC/N50VG/N50VN, PRO58S/PRO58SA/PRO58SR/PRO58V/PRO58VC/PRO58VM/PRO58VN, X55M/X55S/X55SA/X55SR/X55SV, X57S/X57SA/X57SR/X57SV/X57V/X57VC/X57VM/X57VN; Asus Lamborghini VX5

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DFS541305MH0T F8U5
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